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Wild Horses and Bayonets

Yep – that’s right…   Wild Horses and bayonets couldn’t keep me from my appointed round to vote today!

Since Vote by Mail has come into play in Traill County, I’ve enjoyed the convenience and quiet of voting in the privacy of my own home.  But, this year, we have a commission meeting in the morning and the idea of voting in person just seems the right thing to do.  I miss the excitement of getting to the poll, of casting my vote with my friends and neighbors.  Of getting my “I Voted” sticker!

Following the vote, I’ll spend some time visiting with the people who work in the courthouse – and then will go visit with a brother that is struggling with health issues.  I’ll bring a drink of some sort so that we can toast the day…  and wish America well.

And then – I think I’ll run up to Grand Forks to the Dem-NPL Headquarters.  These guys have worked tirelessly to get our statewide and local candidates the needed attention throughout this entire election process.  Yes, I know we’re all tired of the calls, the ads, the commercials – but without these staffers and volunteers, this race would not be the force it is today.  Popping in to rally their energy and give hugs seems the least I could do!

Then, tomorrow evening, starting at 7 pm, I’ll join my compadres – Phil and Rick – along with my family and friends, to watch the election results.  We’ll have some fun, eat some pizza – and root, root, root for our fellow candidates!  Come join us at Picadilly Subs and Pizza, Main Street, Mayville.

Whew!  Now, that’s a full day – and one I so look forward to.  In the end – voting is our voice.  Let’s be heard!!

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