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Rock and Rollin’ – District 20 Style!

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Yesterday was the Dem-NPL District 20 Convention held in Hillsboro.  It was a beautiful day (albeit it a little sloppy with recent melting – but not complaining!!) with a great turnout.  In the end we had 73 registered attendees – a record number!  Rick, Phil and I were there in the hopes of receiving the nomination for the Democratic endorsement, and we were not disappointed as we each received the designated endorsements.

It was great fun to have so many wonderful people come out in support.  It provided time for visiting, sharing – and some good old fashioned fellowship.

I gave a report on activities of the past few years, and then shared some of my extreme frustration with the recent budget cuts from the GOP leaders in our state.  These cuts – purported to be an across the board 4.05% – actually leaves deep cuts in many human services programs which will leave gaping holes in some peoples lives in our state.  Doubly tragic when you consider this debacle is largely due to the grotesque Great Tax Giveaway of 2015.  Literally, in the last weeks of session last year, the GOP leadership orchestrated a successful move for corporate, oil and income tax reductions – to the tune of a roughly 1.2 billion loss in tax revenue.  This year’s budget shortfall of $1.1 billion was completely avoidable – and will be the burden of North Dakota families and individuals – again!  Incorrigible and irresponsible.  But – more on that on another day!

In the end I was honored to receive the Dem District 20 endorsement (along with Rick and Phil) – and am ready to hit the ground running as we move into the dual role of legislative candidate and legislative representative.  While I keep reading how the Dems are a marginalized minority (makes me think they’d really like us to just sit down and shut up) – I keep thinking this is all the more reason to fight hard – and LOUD – for the people of this great state!

And we will!


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