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About District 20

2011 was a year of great change in North Dakota with most, if not all, of North Dakota finding itself in the midst of redistricting based on population shifts and declines established through the 2010 census.  District 20 was no exception as it found its boundary lines redrawn to a shape more reflective of the shape it had held in years past – encompassing a more compact geographical area and neighbors to the north in Grand Forks county.


Population:  14,314

All or portions of Grand Forks, Traill and Cass Counties

Communities:   Thompson, Reynolds,  Buxton, Cummings, Caledonia, Taft, Hillsboro, Kelso, Grandin, Hunter, Galesburg, Clifford, Blanchard, Portland, Mayville, Hatton, Emerado, Mekinock and the western portion of the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

Townships: Mekinock, Chester, Oakville, Pleasant View, Fairfield, Allendale, Walle, Washington, Union, Michigan, Americus, Bentru, Garfield, Morgan, Buxton, Stavenger, Belmont, Viking, LIndaas, Wold, Ervin, Bingham, Roseville, Mayville, Norway, Eldorado, Caledonia, Norman, Blanchard, Bloomfield, Hillsboro, Hergerg, Galesburg, Greenfield, Bohnsack, Kelso, Elm River, Dows, Hunter, Beil, Kinyon, Noble.

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